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The Golden Chamber of Qi 

Ebooks I, II, III complement each other.
Ebook I, The Sacred Energy of Qi, offers Taoist history, philosophy, energy science (Qi), and TCM foundation. Ebook II, Meridians and the Five Elements Theory of Qi, teaches about the meridians, the yin yoga postures, and the Five Elements Theory for class planning for emotional balance. Ebook III, Flow with the Tao, teaches you how to circulate Qi with powerful step-by-step practical techniques, including Taoist visualisations, meditations, breathing exercises, Qi exercises, acupressure sequences and slow flow movements to nourish your creative yin sequences.

Their division allows you to select the subjects that interest you most. It was also technically impossible to put all that knowledge in one Ebook.

EBOOK I FINAL COVER 29_07_21 copy.jpg



THE SACRED ENERGY OF QI, (EBOOK 1) will help you to understand what is energy (Qi) for your Yin classses. It explores the fascinating history of Taoist Chinese healing exercises as well as the sacred science of energy in all of its manifestations inspiring Yin Yoga Qi Flow classes.

  • History and philosophy of  Qi’s TCM foundation (Traditional Chinese Medicine) at the root of meridian bodywork (Daoyin, QI-gong, Yi Jin Jing, Shiatsu, Yin yoga, Fluid Body).

  • Power of Qi,  the science of vibrational energy from ancient China to new sciences, quantum physics and sound vibrations

  • Jing, Qi, Shen

  • Yin yang relationships with the body systems and the organs

  • The yin (Zang) and yang organs (Fu)

  • The extraordinary vessels

  • The three dantians

  • The six key points/ gate of energy

Be ready to create your own yin classes with extended knowledge on the power of the circulating Qi.

157 pages

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