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Teach Yin Yoga Qi Flow Classes

For yoga teachers and practitioners who want to unlock their creative potential by incorporating ancient Taoist wellness practices with a modern twist within their yin yoga classes transmuting into yin yoga Qi flow sequences.

Yin yoga is a highly meditative and relaxing practice that focuses on the body's connective tissues through postures that are commonly done sitting, prone, or lying. Extend the benefits of your Yin Yoga classes with specific breathing exercises, gentle Chinese healing exercises and Taoist visualisation techniques to further promote relaxation and circulation of energy within the meridians system in connection with Universal force.

The Yin Yoga Qi Flow certificate training is the new perspective on the evolution of yin yoga and is founded on traditional Chinese healing. Embracing a holistic approach, you'll turn inwards to a vibrant flow of Qi self-cultivation. The program offers you explicit instruction on creating your Yin Yoga Qi Flow sequences to deepen your Qi practice.

It aims to maintain or regenerate your energetic balance within the three treasures known as the Jing (reproductive and creative energy in the Kidney that is most closely associated with our physical body), the Qi (life-force energy circulating throughout the body), and the Qi (life-force energy circulating throughout the body). You will also learn the methodology of the Five Elements Theory to regulate your emotions.

It will be my pleasure to guide you along this great path as we support one another to embody health and wholeness through Qi connection and spiritual awareness.

Registration Opens SPRING 2022
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