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Book Reviews

"It is one of the most beautiful books I've every seen,
in addition to so much information."

 Michelle Mann-Donegan

The golden chamber of Qi. The new complete book on yin yoga


Your book is absolutely phenomenal! Honestly I knew it was going to be good but it is not just the content that is incredible, but the pictures, the colours, the style, everything about this book is beautiful on all levels!


Congratulations because it is just stunning! I am enjoying reading it, touching it, it is a real treat…absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for putting it out there.. well done!


Because it is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. And for the record, I know you had some feedback from a woman saying it is a bit expensive. I do not think it is expensive. I think it is worth every penny and actually more. Honestly I hadn’t had a book like this for years. It’s just gorgeous.


Breathing visualisation 2.jpg


The Golden Chamber of QI is one of the most amazing books I have had in my life in terms of publication and content. It has a beautiful hard cover, wonderful illustrations, photos and pictures. In terms of content, it is very delightful, it is not only a book about yin yoga-meridians and positions. You will also deepen your knowledge of Chinese Medicine, anatomy and physiology of QI and receive complete class plans, all you need to do is scan the QR codes. Nathalie Dubreu is a wonderful person, teacher and author. Don't hesitate to buy this book. Really worth reading!

KAROLINA | SuryaYoga Sound

The golden Chamber of Qi printed version. See inside the page on breathing visualisation to use during yin yoga classes.
Breathing work _ Collecting Qi 2.jpg
The Golden Chamber of Qi printed version. See inside pages on breathing exercises for collecting Qi.


I recently purchased The Golden Chamber of Qi and I am amazed at the stunningly beautiful presentation of the material, as well as the comprehensive content, in this book. I have been a Yin Yoga teacher for 10 years and have read many books on Yin Yoga, energy, and Chinese Medicine, but this book is the most exciting I have yet to read.


The material is presented in a very organized and useful manner, as well as a treat for the visual senses. I am always looking for inspiration for new sequencing of Yin flows, and how I can integrate energetic practices into my sequencing, and this book by Nathalie Dubreu is full of the knowledge I require to become inspired as a Yin Yoga teacher. I look forward to using this book for many years to come and I thank Nathalie for creating a book that was obviously a labour of love. I can appreciate how much hard work went into creating this book and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed in owning a copy.


Daoyin Cultivation exercises.jpg
The Golden Chamber of Qi, Daoyin Cultivation exercises to use during yin yoga classes.


I have now started reading it in earnest (when the sun comes out and I can sit in the garden). Your book is wonderful! I love the fact that it is hard backed as it will last a lifetime. The pictures and stories I have read so far are so engaging.


I will be in touch when I have finished reading the book from cover to cover - it is a huge book full of lots of wisdom and learning and then write a review for you. I think it deserves a full review as you have so obviously put your heart and soul into writing it. You should be very proud of yourself, congratulations on your wonderful book. Take care.


Fascia and energy.jpg


This book contains a very important message for every yoga teacher and yoga practitioner, “Free and Communicate with your energy during the poses”. Nathalie’s interpretation of yoga movements is spot on. This is not just only for Yin Yoga but also Power Yoga styles. The combination of Yin and Yang flows in the sentence above means that one should contemplate during the flow of the asanas, and whilst in the stillness, one should observe the movements of energy hence the last 4 limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras Pratyahara, Dharayana, Dyyana, and Samadhi. Alone this sentence has separated yoga from other exercises. The Golden Chamber of Qi book also contains other areas from Nathalie’s yoga life journey researched and practiced including Taoist Wellness, Yin asanas in relation to Chinese Meridians. This book is premium and a must-read. 


The Golden Chamber of Qi book on yin yoga. See inside pages on Fascia and energy.
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