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About the book and Ebooks

For nearly 25 years, I have been practising energy (Qi) bodywork with positive results – promoting recovery, relaxation and pain relief. After being diagnosed with a congenital hip condition that forced me to cease instructing yoga in 2018, I decided to write and share my teaching with practical exercises based on Traditional Chinese Medicine to help you connect with your energy.

The Golden Chamber of Qi, 480-page master book of Yin Yoga Qi Flow, Chinese healing exercises and Taoist spiritual wellness include everything I have learned and practised over the years. It's exactly how I wish I had discovered Taoist yin yoga earlier in my life. Each technique is simple and straightforward. I break it down into simple instructions so there is no confusion about what to do. 

Book launch: October 2021


Over the last decade, the rise of yin yoga has spread over the world, offering a quiet time of stillness and mindfulness for busy minds. Deeply meditative and calming, yin yoga encourages active relaxation and energy circulation within the meridian system.

Lately, the stillness of yin yoga teachings has increasingly shifted towards the addition of slow movements as if practitioners intuitively felt a need to rebalance their rivers of Qi (energy) and counteract the poses’ immobility.


This is no surprising; there is so much more to life than our material reality. If our attention remains mainly on the physical body, we only tap into a fraction of ourselves.


Discover the meditative benefits of traditional Chinese and Taoist therapeutic techniques. This potent combination of energy, meridian stretching, and mental training will help you realise the intrinsic and transforming power of life's cellular dance, shifting your reality both on and off the mat.


Book Vision

Learn the language of Qi flow


Become a master in "Qi" cultivation, circulation and regeneration for your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Discover the world of frequencies, sounds and vibrations sensing your energy as tangible as your physical body.


Learn how to create Yin Yoga Qi Flow sequences that rebalance your subtle body with soft mindful movements, Taoist visualisations and breathwork. Integrate the unique Five Elements Methodology for emotional self-regulation to nourish and nurture your mind, body and soul.


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Book Content

Empower yourself with knowledge


  • History and philosophy of Chinese healing exercises and Qi movements work 

  • The sacred science of energy in all its manifestation, from Qi to bio-electricity and quantum physics

  • TCM foundation, yin yang application to our whole body systems and life enjoyment

  • Over 100 Yin yoga postures variations colour-coded by organ and meridians

  • A unique Five elements Theory for emotional balance and wellness

  • Meridian stretching and Qi exercises to stimulate the Qi of your organs and channels

  • Anatomy and physiology of Qi

  • Art of cueing and methodology for class planning and sequencing

  • Acupressure points to overcome anger, fear, grief, depression, and anxiety

  • Intricate breathwork to collect and circulate Qi to enhance well-being

  • Meditations to ease your mental activity and slow cellular ageing

  • Taoist powerful visualisations to achieve oneness and protection


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Online Material

Connect with amazing people


Scan or click on the QR code at the end of the book and Ebooks to access and:

1. Download our exclusive Yin Yoga Qi Flow classes on your phone or tablet easily.

2. Connect with our Qi soul tribe online materials to expand your personal growth and share your spiritual journey with your soulful community. 

The soul tribe is a free collaborative web-based platform of trusted websites and YouTube channels of many energy workers, sound healing producers, astrologers, Qigong movements practitioners, videos and links to our Ebooks.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to feature your channel within our community.

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To enliven your reading and engage with the Qi of creation. I have illustrated the text with striking images, some from old manuscripts – dating back over a thousand years – some of which depict ancient meditative practices that may reawaken in you a sense of your ancestral connection to Qi.

The Golden Chamber of Qi 

The printed edition has been divided into individual Ebooks I, II, III, 
allowing you to select the subjects that interest you most

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EBOOK II FINAL COVER 29_07_21 copy.jpg
EBOOK III FINAL COVER 29_07_21 copy.jpg


EBOOK I explores the fascinating history of Taoist Chinese healing exercises as well as the sacred science of energy in all of its manifestations inspiring Yin Yoga Qi Flow classes. 

  • History, philosophy, the science of vibrational energy, and Qi’s TCM foundation (Traditional Chinese Medicine) at the root of meridian bodywork (Daoyin, QI-gong, Yi Jin Jing, Shiatsu, Yin yoga, Fluid Body). 

  • Power of Qi, from ancient China to quantum physics and sound vibrations

  • Jing, Qi, Shen

  • Yin yang relationships with the body systems and the organs

  • The yin (Zang) and yang organs (Fu)

  • The extraordinary vessels

  • The three dantians

  • The six key points/ gate of energy

EBOOK II delves deeper into the 12 meridians including colour-coded yin yoga poses and variants, as well as lifestyle traits for cueing and easy integration. The unique five elements approach for class design includes yin yoga Qi flow classes for emotional balance based on the five elements principles of creation and control, which may be downloaded as a PDF. It also contains the following:

  • Chinese Meridians: guidance on the key physical, spiritual and psycho-emotional aspects of the flowing energy

  • 100 Yin yoga postures pics

  • Level 1 Yin Yoga classes 

  • Comprehensive five Elements Theory with class methodology for regulating Qi excess and deficiency

  • Yin yoga Qi flow classes for emotional balance based on the five elements sequences, integrating Daoyin exercises as part of each classes to guide your Qi.


EBOOK III provides all the practical informationl to include in your classes such as visualisations, Taoist meditations, breathing exercises, Qi exercises, meridian stretching, slow flow movements "Fluid Body" and the art of cueing . It also contains:

  • Anatomy, physiology and consciousness of Qi

  • Acupressure points to ease mental stress  

  • Slow flow Qi movements

  • Meridian stretchings

  • Fluid Body movements

  • Taoist meditations and visualisations techniques

  • Energy breathing exercises

  • Class planning and cueing

  • Yin Yoga Qi Flow methodology


A set of 12 ready-made downloadable Yin Yoga Qi Flow classes with Qi cueing have been carefully designed to guide your energy and balance your emotional state. All levels, from beginners to advanced students, will benefit from this powerful practice and allow you to teach yin yoga with minimised preparation and maximize your connection with students. (This set is already included in Ebook II,  but I made it available separately for those who only want the classes and not the theory.)

  • The five classes level 1 are an easy way to learn Yin Yoga postures by pair organs and their meridian locations, and an excellent way to begin your journey into yin yoga through Qi flow, wellness and inner peace.

  • There are also seven more classes based on a unique Five Elements methodology to learn how to focus on anxiety, depression, anger and fear as you rebalance your Qi emotionally.

  • These sequences combine Yin Yoga still postures with Qi slow flow movements and meridian stretching. They also include short breathing and meditation practices to connect the body, mind and breath. Over time, you will notice increased flexibility, strength, balance, spine health, and stress relief. Welcome to the world of Yin Yoga Qi Flow!

Pre-order your Ebooks today to take advantage of the introductory offer

before the Ebooks release on the 15th September 2021

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