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Discover your self-healing capacities


Learn how to ease neck, shoulders, and back pain by following these step-by-step meridian stretches and self-massage.Based on millenary Chinese healing exercises, these therapeutic movements have been adapted to be practiced easily at any time. You will feel calm, energised, centered, and tensions free. They are beneficial after a holistic massage as body homework to keep your well-being longer.


These stretches are gentle and powerful, providing an immediate effect of relaxation, a clear mind, and a deep sense of harmony. Your posture and breathing will instantly change, helping lower your stress level. 


Divided by chapters for practical use, you will find some helpful bonus exercises to complete your program.


Theory Introduction: 0.20 to 4.55 min
Warm-up & self-massage: 4.55 to 10.30 min
Neck & shoulders release: 10.40 to 23.05 min
Breathing & relaxation: 23.25 to 27.30 min
Upper and mid-back release: 27.40 to 40.05 min
Lower back release: 40.10 to 57.50 min


This is an MP4 video file saved as a ZIP File (compressed). 

When you buy it. You can download it and click twice on your zip uploaded file to decompress it. Your video file will be available to watch on any video app on your computer or telephone. 


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STRETCH YOUR STRESS AWAY (ONLINE DVD). Massage after-care & self-help routine.

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