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Yin Yoga Qi Flow, Chinese Healing Exercises and Taoist Spiritual Wellness.


Become a master in "Qi" cultivation, circulation and regeneration for your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Discover the world of frequencies, sounds and vibrations, sensing your energy as tangible as your physical body.


Create Yin Yoga Qi Flow sequences that re-balance your subtle body (Qi) with soft mindful movements, Taoist visualisations and breathwork. Integrate the unique Five Elements Methodology for emotional self-regulation to nourish and nurture your mind, body and soul. 


The potent combination of energy work, meridian stretching, and mental training can help you realise the intrinsic and transforming power of life's cellular dance, shifting your reality both on and off the mat. By staying still and moving mindfully, you awaken subtle energy through your meridian channels (inner Qi) and your bioefield (outer Qi), calming your nervous system and allowing your whole self to develop peace, harmony and health. Become a Qi and yin yoga master.




430-page hardback full colour printed edition to cherish for a lifetime.

Weight: 1.6Kg

Paper: Coated paper 130gsm

Hardback mat laminated

The Golden Chamber of Qi

£45.00 Regular Price
£35.00Sale Price
  • This hard back printed book contains eight chapters, over 50 Qi exercises, 380+ photos and illustrations and more than 10 hours of Yin Yoga Qi Flow classes with a total of 20+ meditations to nurture and balance your mind, body and spirit with a unique methodology based on the Five Element Theory. This luxury book edition can become  your self-help wellbeing book to live life more consciously, energetic.

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